Anger is suicide I Tips to control anger

Anger is suicide I Tips to control anger                        We all know that anger is a very bad and harmful trait. Anger is poison for that person, who show anger. Anger is that bad virtue, which can ruin everything in a moment. Anger is that dangerous quality of human virtue, which harmed that person himself, who is angry, on which he is being, he can remain neutral. Anger is suicide I Tips to control anger.

How can it be that we can not stop ourselves when we get angry! First of all, we have to make clear that we are angry or we get angry. If we consider anger as such a powerful thing that it is forcefully and is bigger than our own strength, then we will not be able to stop it. We think that we are angry, then we can stop whatever work we do, we can escape from it.try to learn the anger management.
Anger does not solve problems, but gives rise to more problems, spoils our relationship in an instant. Only by stopping the anger and putting the feeling of forgiveness in our heart can bring many peace and happiness in life. If you use the energy in the right place to energize yourself in anger, then a lot can be settled.

Anger is suicide I Tips to control anger
Anger is the big cause of destroying all relationships. Therefore, in every religion, it has been described as a bad virtue and it is said to be the destroyer of intellect on the time for anger. We lose our wisdom during anger and do not know what is right or what is wrong. Anger is the enemy to shake the whole person. That person, who can not control his anger, always lives is depression all the time and can not feel the joys of life.

The angry person considers himself brave, whereas anger is similar to fear. Brave persons are those, who can bear or avoid anger. I am angry while fear of fear, but brave then he is the one who has the power to get angry. You get angry because of fear by something or to show ego, this is not braveness. The angry person, with great stupidity, assumes that the poison he drinks himself and dies other!
In the state of anger, we do the work which we do not want to do in general and in the same way, the annihilation of every anger happens on repentance, which may cause of many big losses forever. It means that the peace and happiness of this precious life end forever. How we do so much expensive deals if we are angry.
Some Tips to Avoid Anger –

anger is suicide I Tips to control anger
1-    Look at anger, ego looks behind it and nothing behind the ego Pray a long breath, change your condition, forgive all, do not overdo the intellect, the intelligence will tell you how to control yourself. Then use whatever energy is accumulated at that time. Life goes on even everything goes wrong

2-   If you get angry, change your position ie if you are standing then sit down if you are sitting then lie down or leave for that place. It is important to try to stop anger because it is only harmful.
3-  Try to think some good things as soon as you get angry, try to remember some moments of happiness in your life. The mood will be somewhat light.
4-   A religious and effective way is to forget that your the mistake of others and forgive them. This will also make your image very dear to people.
5-   A saintly person does not feel any anger. The people who smoke or get drunk, have out of control anger. So we should avoid these bad things.
6-   Anger comes suddenly. When you know something, your heart wants to react at the same time. Take a little time to show temper. Maybe you will forget your anger.
7-  It seems impossible, but try to pray or count 1.2.3.during the time of anger. You just have to engage yourself in the moment of anger.
8-   Avoid being In Tension at all times, Stress causes anger.
9-   Avoiding stress, while working all the time for your responsibilities, sometimes take time for yourself and do things that make you happy.  how to remove stress or tension

10-  Fasting is also a great action, to control yourself.
11-  In the morning when you get up, get blesses from your parents.
12-  If you make a mistake by yourself then you should admit to accepting it peacefully.
13-  Do not being too weak to keep control over yourself. Keep this thing in mind that brave people can control anger. Therefore, we should prepare ourselves to avoid anger. Life is some hard these days, every moment we need patience.
So in this way, we can get rid of a dangerous habit of anger. Imagine a permanent and major loss due to anger before getting angry. God does not like the breakdown of relationships and can also be fatal for us.


anger is suicide I Tips to control anger

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