Feel the divine love and care

your true love

be happy


                      Feel the divine love and care your true love. The love that Heer had done with the Ranjha or the Mira had done it with Krishna, that love was its complete definition. In the world created by Lord, if someone does not have the feeling of divine love, then he is the poorest person. The definition and feeling of love is being changed. Love is such a spiritual phenomenon, in which the feeling of sacrificing and devoting is born. Love is a feeling of heart and trust on other. Give love to a “true love” or a similar name is just cheating because if you have love, Then it will be true.

The love has a great importance in the life of a girl. Love settled like a scent of flowers in her breathing, which she can not forget the whole age. In India , raising the girls from childhood as such is that they are very cautious about the small things in their behavior. They are taught to speak less than childhood. Because of this, most of the girls are introverted and shy, and in spite of expressing their emotions, they hope that their partner tries to understand his feelings.

The girl completely ready to sacrifice and surrender with her soft feelings in love. She expresses her divine love in which she does not want anything in exchange form a partner, nor does her divine love have the feeling of something important, Neither any hope I just dedicate himself to the realization of that reality. Her partner may not understand her emotion, it depends on him. Love is eternal, proving this she cannot ever remove the love from the heart. She feels sad in sadness and happy in the happiness of her partner. When someone wakes up the feeling of love in her heart, like thousands of flowers blossom in her life, She gets a new excuse to live.



                                                  Now a days still changing the definition of love. Like someone who loves any beautiful flower, then breaks it so that it is worth giving the flower fragrance no more, if the flower is taken in physical forms, like a perfume, it makes sense, but how can we tell him that we love flowers? If we love someone, then let him grow, As a pure love in pure form, there is a sharing of happiness, one who does not ask for anything else, does not expect anything, happens like a spiritual phenomenon and just renounces. Love does not give pain or suffering the partner That the person gets saddened by the pain of the partner himself.

                 Nowadays, a growing young girl is in a deceitful love, that is not love if she falls prey to rape or blackmailing, and like that flower pick it up and thrown away, which was pick it up to take the fragrance. In this changing definition, divine love is becoming a joke and flirtation with life. Partner does not have any sense of self-sacrifice or security but has a lot of expectations of enjoyment. Neither they try to understand the feelings of the heart and played with the spirit of love. No one understands the pain of the cheated girl, but they enjoyed also pain also. Need care and understanding to enjoy the divine love.


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