How to remove stress or tension

remove stress


How to remove stress and tension.The biggest reason for this is that we have given the switches of our happiness and tense to hands of others around us. Whether it is our relative or others persons., when they switch off our switch, we get frustrated or stressed and we are off as a bulb. Friends, we do not have to become a bulb, which can be off by switch.we have to become so shiny like the sun, which has no switch to turn off the light and it throw light on all.

God judged the human being with the same merit while creating us. Every person has his own unlimited energy, is competent and someone can use that his or her abilities and someone can not use because of understanding. Just because of our thinking, we feel frustrated by feeling low than others. We get stressed.If someone believes that they have big power, then they can be very foolish. Just trust that what you are , being yourself and what you want to do, you can do.   Are we happy naturally?

God’s given energy or happiness is within us. How we can find it out or find it in a superstition. Just we have feelings,when we were children, we would go on doing everything with the full power without any care or tension.What seemed to our heart, We have no effect or stress on anything at that time. When we grow up then millions of disappointing and many kinds of thoughts surround our heart and mind. It is that we forget the hidden energy and happiness inside us. First of all, we have to clear such millions of thoughts from our brains, as if we were children, we will have to reset the factory setting.We have to be fresh-minded and happy living like a small child.

We should think with a fresh mind that why we are tense or unhappy. If we want money to live our life, instead of being sad, we should need to earn money according to our need, with full energy. We can do this. Secondly, if we spend more than our earnings, then we will put ourselves in tension.
When I am sure that God is with me,
So it does not matter who is against me.
Doing any comparison with others or hoping for any other can also cause stress. We do not have any benefit from being sad when we see others, they are living as they are. We have to collect our happiness ourselves. We do not want to be like any other person. We have to become like ourselves and use our abilities and energy.true secret of soulful happiness

So friends we can get rid of stress and sorrow only by our own efforts. I am a lion and listen
There is nothing difficult in this world,
Do not you dare
Dreams will change in reality
Just you try hard


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