Life goes on

even everything goes wrong

Life goes on even everything goes wrong

Life goes on even everything goes wrong. You’ve been there. That moment in your life when everything seemed to be going wrong. It feels like an avalanche of bad luck and misery hitting you from every angle. Your life spirals out of control and you can’t seem to catch your breath. You know the power of maintaining a positive vibration, but as you look around, you wonder, “How can I stay positive when everything around me is falling apart?”         how to remove stress or tension

The situation we’re facing is not the problem. It’s the energy that we’re carrying, triggered by a negative response to the situation. People often say to me, “In the pain, the fear, and all the overwhelm… I’d lost connection with my inner self.”

When we’re overwhelmed, we’re disconnected from that hidden power within. When we focus all our attention on what’s ‘wrong’, the universe will continue to send more things that are ‘wrong’.

It isn’t personal. The universe is very impersonal. It’s simply responding to our vibration.

Life goes on even everything goes wrong

The good news is that, by shifting our energy, we have the power to create a better-than-expected outcome from any situation.

Do we have the AUDACITY to take a risk and transform our challenges into success?

It’s simple. Take a step back from the situation and course-correct. We can allow the situation we’re seeing to help us connect to what we DO want, rather than focusing on what’s wrong and things that we don’t want.

Through this, we’re able to reclaim our power and start manifesting a better reality with purpose, rather than creating by default. As we look at what we DO want, we begin to feel what it will be like to experience a new reality. Through shifting our focus and emotions toward the positive, our vibration naturally rises to a higher frequency.            Are we happy naturally?

Yeah. The universe knows what to do with that, too!

In the process, we create an ideal pathway for a new and better reality to come TO us.

Good to know: When you’re feeling stuck, it’s never the situation that has you stuck… it’s your energy that’s become stuck, by the trigger of negative emotions that can come from past situations or events.

Life goes on even everything goes wrong

In other words, it isn’t the pain of the situation; it’s the pain of not being connected in the natural energy of who you really are… of being connected to that magical part of you that’s a creative vibrational being who can use positive energies to create what you want and bring it into physical manifestation. Part of this process is to allow your manifestations to materialize, and not get stuck in the negative vibrations that block them.                                “Häβëëβ”                the secret of soulful happiness

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