Live The life

in its Totality

We are given a beautiful but short life by God.  He made the Earth as a resting place for us. He made our shape beautiful. He made pleasant nature, mountains, rivers, and so many blessings on the Earth to live our life happily and easily. The Sun is shining on time and The Moon is reflecting beautiful light regularly.

                                         So we have to give many many thanks to God for his unlimited blessings and mercy for us. But what we did with this precious and beautiful life??

                                                 God has given us a lot of natural things to live happily and peacefully but we are looking happiness in artificial things. So our happiness became artificial also. True, if we feel the fresh beauty of nature, blooming flowers, we can not hate anyone, we can not destroy each other. We do not like the rhythm of flowing rivers because now we like Rap and Hip hop!!

God is always with us. When we create our own problems for our desires, God also helps us. He never tests us beyond our strength. He sent prophets many times on the Earth to solve our problems and guide us. But we love to make problems for ourselves.

                                                                   We have left the God’s nature and living among artificial things. We have strong ego problem which is destroying our peace. We hate each other, we want to destroy each other because we are not in peace, we have left the guidance of God The Creator. This is a great surprise that we are one creation and we can hate each other!!

                                                                Every human has a unique life, created by God. He is unique himself. God loves us. We are his creation. Just trust Him. We should respect and love our life. We can make our life as beautiful and peaceful, as we want. No one can interfere. This is possible by the way of God and love of God.




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