Are we happy naturally?

The God created us. We come into this world as a child. A child lives happily every moment, he or she is sweet to everyone and get the love of all. Until that time he or she does not have any special role in this world. He or she is just a lovely son or daughter, whose parents accept him as a blessing given by God and love him. That child does not know anything of tension or sorrow, just he is playing and growing.

                                           The problem is started when he grows up, some roles for him are started in the world. he becomes a husband, a father, a son, a servant in a job or a master of his own work, in many ways like this. He started to play the roles. He began to feel sad in many ways while playing these roles and forgets that he is a man and woman created by the owner, on this fact he can simply unaffected by the things of sadness every moment should be happy but it does not happen.

                                           We should not allow ourselves to reach the unhappy state of any kind by playing with all kinds of roles in this theater of the world. A husband, wife, or brother, sister, mother, Father, friend, and any relative or servant, if we are in any role, then we must have full faith in ourselves that we are playing our role perfectly. If someone else has some strange or bad behavior with us, then we should understand without having to feel that his role is similar to his practice in life. Only then we can remain stress-free.

                                                We are doing work or job. The real motive behind it is to earn money to live life. Then, if it is up to the top or post above or below the dominance in the work, then our importance makes us sadly miserable. even we are earning, the purpose is being fulfilled, but our ego makes us unhappy. We should eliminate the feeling of ego. This thing also frees life from sorrows. That like on every side of our life we have opened the factory to create sorrow, which is our very stupidity according to God.

                                            At this stage of the world, every creature is performing his role as he practiced after his creation. only we have to play our roles well, how is the other behaving differently, do not take it seriously and we should not have any kind of ego also. Do not question others about their the role and how they play, this way sorrow or stress will never come near us. So strange or foolishness that we always allow ourselves to be hurt by others and destroy the peace and happiness of this precious life.

We do not see in ourselves that the world’s creator has made us as a beloved, happy person, in every way, He created in form of stress-free child and that is hidden within us. Neither of the people or the environment, we have to pay attention to our role in the right way. We must be absolutely confident that what we are doing is completely right. Then it is not a matter of sorrow for us. Pay honour to the God and to the precious life by living happily and calmly.


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