True Secret of soulful happiness

true happiness

The power of human-

God has made man all-round, yet why does he have to make millions of efforts to be happy? The biggest problem is that we are looking for happiness in other things. If any of them gets reduced, we become unhappy. What is the other thing, that can ever come into our life and go. Why did we rely on others for the happiness of our life? Priceless life should be joyful every moment, again it is so miserable that we have relied on our happiness to other things or other relatives. We are Godly creation, let us think how to live a happy life.

Happiness is in control of our willpower-

There was a man. He was happy every moment in his life. For many years people saw him happy every moment, then one day asked him what is the secret of your happiness. Then the man responded that daily in the morning When I wake up, I ask myself a question that I should curse today for my life which includes disappointment, stress, sadness, or choose happiness, I choose the bliss and fill it Day I lived happily. external things cannot interfere with my happiness. So we can understand that happiness or pleasure inherent in us and in control of our will.

Which things interfere happiness-

God created nature first and then made us. Our problem is that we consider ourselves as “I”. Nature and apart from God, we have made our existence. How “I” will be happy by being separated from nature and God. ? God, nature and human beings are the same mixtures. As pleasant air is blowing, birds are tweeting accordance to their nature. If we keep ourselves absorbed with nature then we will be able to enjoy every aspect of life, I will experience only I have a long breath while passing through the trees, it also has the experience of bliss. The nature of God, we are all the same mixture of God. wishing a lot of wealth, or  beautiful woman We also make ourselves stressed. We also are a part of the nature of God,like the tree plantations, how many days we live here should be live with happiness and one day ends. Why do we also make one moment of our life in tense? Look at a beautiful woman, while enjoying the beauty of this natural beauty of God, enjoy the pleasures and not feel idea to use her, which brings violence and tension in the mind.

The true Wealth-

                               It is wrong to think that only wealth brings happiness in life. I try to look after the rich, do they have spiritual and full bliss? Absolute pleasure is in assimilation in the nature of God and accepting it. If we have less money, then God may have created our nature like this. We have to live happily in this situation. Only wish for wealth make us very stressed and violent. Destroy the feelings of “I” or ego, be a part of the beautiful nature and be joyful every moment. If you are happy, then no one can stop you, and no one can ask you why are you happy if any other thing does not affect

true happiness

We can not stop nature of anything-

If we maintain “I” then it makes unhappy and tense with many things. I read the newspaper, someone is killing, someone raping someone is stealing.”If we endurance think that whatever nature is, that is what they are doing. I will be stressed even then whatever remains to be will remain. Yes, if we are joyful and energized then in the solution of any problem. This is the nature of God, we can not stop any event so why we lose our happiness even for one moment of this precious life?

We are responsible ourselves for our happiness-

Give yourselves to the light because you yourself have to go ahead. Ignore both happiness and sorrow. Remember the time of your creation; At that time, we were only peaceful and joyful. We can not find happiness through the body, Naturally, it happens in our soul. We have to experience him every moment. If we experience happiness from some other point of view then we will also experience sorrow. Live the life as a peaceful and joyful creation of God.


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