Woman is calling you

woman is calling you


                                       Try to think about a woman. We have many thoughts woman that she is that, without which the starlight is incomplete, without her the flawlessness and goodness of the month of sawan, is incomplete. If she did not exist, then there is no praise of poor moon. She is complete in herself. Man is incomplete without her. She is mother But she never boasted. She leave. She hurt herself so that man’s self esteem remains.

She does not have two faces or two mouths. She is who she being. Not like a man who hopes to be completely covered with the women of his house and wants to see everything else, putting a crazy look at other women outside the house. Is it our daughter to be a daughter, who gets the honor of equal rights in the house or not? Despite all the qualifications she has  to buy the boy for the wedding. Even if she comes home from school or do a job, in the society, she is seen in the house with suspicion. What is the real face of the people who doubt her and she repeatedly taking the test of fire and the people of the society?

When a girl goes for a job with man, their thirsty eyes want to nude the girl. When the girl is buying her stuff in the market, then the respected people stare at her with such dirty eyes that the girl starts thinking that she is not worthy of respect. And if a crowd finds a lonely girl then they want to eat and eat them. Now a days any age no problem as a sculptor for sculpting the character of a woman, even if she gets a chance to scandal, even if one year old, should be a girl, take her out, take her out. Girls are frightened and hide themselves so much that they are hiding from themselves, they themselves do not recognize themselves.

I want to say to all the women and girls that keep up your self-esteem, the need for the fire test is not to us but to those people of this civilized society, instead of looking at women with respect to their eyes, Seeing their confinement, frightening them and looking for unnecessary scandal.


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